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How To Find the Best Weight Loss Books in 2020

On the hunt for 2020’s top weight loss books that are actually worth your money and attention? Although there is no exact science on how to find that one book that will guarantee an ideal weight loss plan that will change your life for the better, with the right strategy in place, you can narrow down your options.

What Separates Great Weight Loss Books from the Bad Ones

Here’s a few tips to find the books that could be beneficial to your goal of losing weight and keeping it off:

  • Reasonable costs – Neither the book nor the suggested weight loss program it promotes should cost you a fortune. You should be able to buy all (or most) of what you require from your local supermarket. If you need to shell out hundreds of dollars each month to buy specific foods, supplements or equipment made by the author or some other “expert” or “specialist”, the diet likely isn’t worth it or isn’t something you’ll be able to afford long term, especially if you have other mouths to feed.
  • Convenient – You should be able to attend and/or purchase everything that you need online or locally. You should also be able to follow the guidelines, recipes, etc. without much grief. Just like cost, if a weight loss book requires you to travel out of your way to obtain what you need or wants you to become a gourmet chef using extremely hard to find ingredients, it isn’t practical to your lifestyle and isn’t something that you are likely to continue.
  • Simple suggestions – Losing weight isn’t rocket science and the best weight loss books will not present advice, tips, recommendations or suggestions in this format. The expert author shouldn’t talk down to you and should provide practical information that the average person can sensibly incorporate into their lifestyle.
  • No crazy diets – The goal should be to implement positive changes to your lifestyle, such as eating a well-balanced healthful diet, fitness-appropriate exercise and forming healthy lifestyle habits. Any book that suggests, cleanses, diet phases that involve detoxing, extremely low-calorie intake, the total elimination of carbs or gluten, etc., are fad diets that are not long-term weight loss strategies. More importantly, they can actually make losing weight harder in the long run and could even be hazardous to your health.

Think About Your Health and the Type of Information You Want to See

The most beneficial weight loss books for you also depend on your current state of health, your lifestyle and the type of learning that works best for you. Give your weight loss goals some serious thought and think about what you would like and would not like to change when it comes to your current diet and physical activity. Giving yourself some basic ground rules will help to narrow the playing field.

Finally, remember that your healthcare provider can be a great source of support and information. They may be able to provide you with some quality recommendations. Whatever you decide, be sure to research before you buy or try and don’t trust the advice of any book doctor over your own.

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