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Stop Your Loved Ones from Ruining Your Diet!

stop ruining your dietYour friends and family may mean well, but these relationships are often the source of some of the worst diet sabotage that a person can experience. They are the people who genuinely feel that you look great just the way you are and who hate to see you sacrifice sweet treats, fatty foods, and other yummies just because you feel that you need to shed some extra weight. After all, it’s just one brownie. It’s only a little piece of cake. A few chips aren’t going to hurt anything….and before you know it, you are ruining your diet.

The problem is that your weight loss is important to you, and when they put the pressure on, it can feel as though you are choosing between losing weight and the relationship. Naturally, the relationship is bound to win. However, this doesn’t have to lead to you ruining your diet. Continue reading