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What to Do About Cellulite?

Cellulite informationCellulite can be a highly frustrating form of fat because it collects quite easily, it is not a look that the majority of people like on themselves, and it can be extremely difficult – if not impossible – to eliminate. This type of fat is close to the surface of the skin and its look often gives the skin the look of a dimply orange peel, or like cottage cheese. It is more common among women than men, and it typically collects most readily around the area of the thighs and the buttocks. Still, about 10 percent of men and women have cellulite on other areas of the body, as well, such as arms, abdomen, and calves.

One of the best things to try to minimize cellulite is to keep up a healthy diet and exercise program and maintain a proper normal body weight. This helps the body to function at its best and will reduce the visible subcutaneous (which means: below the skin) fat cells Continue reading