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4Life Carb BLX

carb blx capsules

4Life Carb BLX is a weight loss pill that is available over the counter, with claims that it will stop the body from being able to digest fat. Though simply looking at the name would suggest that this is a carb blocker, when the marketing literature for this product is consulted, it is clear that it is meant for stopping fat absorption.

This is a rather confusing situation as the name of the product and its function don’t seem to align.  This indicates that the product was strategically named to draw attention to itself in the popular low-carb dieting market, despite functioning differently, or perhaps it was once a carb blocker that was reformulated to be a fat blocker instead. Continue reading

Carb Stopper Extreme

Carb Stopper Extreme reviewCarb Stopper Extreme is a nonprescription diet pill that claims that it will be able to help a dieter to boost weight loss by increasing the metabolism and the rate by which the body burns fat. However, at the same time, it claims that it will be able to accomplish this goal through a single active ingredient. That substance is white kidney bean extract.

While there are some studies that would suggest that white kidney bean extract could help to reduce the amount of carbohydrates that are consumed in food, but this is not what the official website of the product claims that it will do for weight loss. Instead, it talks about reduced appetite, increased energy levels, and better fitness. Continue reading