SlimSticks review

Slimsticks are a form of nonprescription diet supplement that are taken in beverages in order to help dieters to be able to overcome the primary struggles that often get in the way of successfully reaching weight loss goals. Those struggles typically have to do with willpower and hunger. The concept behind them is that they work as appetite suppressants that will help dieters to be able to control their portion sizes by tricking their brains into thinking that they feel fuller than they actually are.

Not a Diet Pill

Unlike many diet supplements, Slimsticks are not a diet pill. It is meant to be dissolved in water or almond milk and enjoyed as a beverage. The directions also recommend that another couple of glasses of water be consumed after having had the initial glass containing the Slimsticks product. Ingesting a large amount of water (500 ml in total) will help the active ingredient – konjac (glucomannan) – to expand within the stomach, producing a sensation of fullness. According to the manufacturer, this happens quite quickly after the product has been swallowed.

Each Slimsticks sachet includes a minimum of 1g of konjac glucomannan. By taking 3 sachets per day (1 sachet 20 minutes before meal times) and drinking a total of 2 liters of liquid, a user will supposedly get the most out of this product’s effectiveness.

Is Konjac Effective?

Konjac is an ingredient commonly seen in nonprescription diet pills of all forms and qualities. It is a soft fiber made from the root of the konjac plant and has been used for a variety of medical conditions over the years, including, but not limited to:

  • Constipation
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity

It is thought to work by absorbing water to form a bulky fiber in the stomach and intestines. This fiber may slow the body’s absorption of sugar and cholesterol.

According to the manufacturer, the konjac glucomannan in Slimsticks is a soft fiber that passes through the digestive tract in a normal way. Moreover, the konjac that is reportedly used is two different types (the manufacturer says that there are over 200 types of Konjac and it is a leader in this field) to “ensure maximum benefits”. It also contains chicory root fiber to aid with a feeling of fullness, which adds to its effectiveness. Although it will not stop you from eating, Slimsticks will supposedly help users to eat less and they should begin to feel the effectiveness within 3 – 5 days of using it.

However, in spite of what the manufacturer has said and has claimed about konjac, the reality is that this fiber has never been proven effective for weight loss and there is also research lacking to prove that it is effective at promoting feelings of fullness.

It is far more likely that if any appetite suppression does occur from taking Slimsticks, this is due to the copious amounts of water that must be consumed prior to each meal.

Overall, this is not a highly practical weight management aid. If you were to drink 500 ml of water before each meal, you’d probably experience a similar feeling of fullness. Ultimately, it is best to run this one by your doctor before buying into Slimsticks.

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