Saba ACE

Saba ACE reviewSaba ACE is an over the counter diet supplement that is sold in the form of a pill that is manufactured by AMS Health Services, a company that makes several products within this industry. While this product has its own official website, that site is obviously designed specifically with pill sales in mind and is not highly informational.

This makes it challenging for the consumer to be able to inform him or herself about this supplement before purchasing or using it. The website is designed to list all of the products that the manufacturer provides, all on the same page. Each individual item is granted only the smallest amount of space to be able to explain what it is and what it is supposed to do.

Most of this website’s pages have not been geared toward the products that the manufacturer has to sell. Instead, they are geared toward drawing people who would like to become involved in selling these products through their multi-level marketing program. It is a suspicious looking process that has a certain air of being a pyramid scheme, though whether or not that is the case is unclear. That said, selling to these potential people and not informing customers is the main “opportunity” that is being pumped by this website. This is concerning as it is clear that the focus of neither the manufacturer nor the sales team is the products themselves.

The website suggests that the benefits of Saba ACE include shrinking hunger pangs and cravings so that dieters will be able to lose weight, build “smooth clean energy” and reduce the urge to snack uncontrollably. To accomplish this, it uses a formula made up of the following long list of different substances: Chromium, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Konjac Root Extract, L-Carnitine, Phenylethylamine, Raspberry Ketone, Saffron Extract, Veladium, and Vitamins B6 and B12.

At a glance, it is clear that this product is filled with unproven ingredients that are very common in the nonprescription weight loss pill industry. Furthermore, some of the top ingredients are high in stimulants, which also suggests that the odds are high that a dieter would be at risk of experiencing certain unwanted side effects, such as sleep struggles, jitters, edginess and anxiety, headaches, and others.

Moreover, when compared to other products with similar ingredients, this one costs quite a bit. Buying one bottle of 60 pills costs $60. That said, members of the auto-ship program have a discounted price of $40. It is unclear how easy it is to cancel membership or how early it must be done in order to avoid receiving (and being billed for) the next shipment.

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