Stop Your Loved Ones from Ruining Your Diet!

stop ruining your dietYour friends and family may mean well, but these relationships are often the source of some of the worst diet sabotage that a person can experience. They are the people who genuinely feel that you look great just the way you are and who hate to see you sacrifice sweet treats, fatty foods, and other yummies just because you feel that you need to shed some extra weight. After all, it’s just one brownie. It’s only a little piece of cake. A few chips aren’t going to hurt anything….and before you know it, you are ruining your diet.

The problem is that your weight loss is important to you, and when they put the pressure on, it can feel as though you are choosing between losing weight and the relationship. Naturally, the relationship is bound to win. However, this doesn’t have to lead to you ruining your diet.

It can make you feel as though the people who are closest to you are actually actively working to try to break down your ability to lose weight. The odds are, however, that this isn’t the case at all. The problem has nothing to do with you wanting to lose weight. Instead, it is another person’s resistance to change. After all, when you want to slim down and get in shape for a healthy body, it means that you need to take on new eating habits and new exercise routines. These changes can make them feel a number of things, regardless of whether or not they are aware of it, and it leads them to act in a way that is contrary to your dieting efforts even though all they want is for you to be happy.

Some of the feelings that the changes you are making can bring out in others include:

• Guilt – because you are doing what you can to get in shape but they are not. By tempting you to slip back into your old habits, they will return you to a place where they feel comfortable with the balance of things.
• A lack of understanding – perhaps they have never had a problem with weight, or they’re content with being overweight or obese. This could make them feel that what you are doing is extreme and unnecessary and make them feel as though you are depriving yourself for nothing.
• Sadness – it isn’t uncommon for people to go through a sense of loss when someone in their lives change a lot of their habits. They feel as though the old you has left, and they miss the old you. Therefore, they try to encourage you to try some of the things that you used to love in excess, so that they can bring back the person with whom they feel comfortable because of familiarity

The trick is to gain an understanding of the issue and don’t give up. Resist the urge to overreact, but come up with your own strategies to overcome problems that could arise due to those feelings among your friends and family. This will keep you from ruining your diet and your relationship.

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