Raspberry Ketone Plus

raspberry ketone plus reviewRaspberry Ketone Plus is among the products that is taking advantage of the most recently hyped weight loss ingredient that has taken over for acai berry as a fat burning supplement that has not been proven. This particular nonprescription diet pill claims to provide the dieter with the benefits of raspberry ketone that had previously gone unrecognized.

As was the case with acai berry, the Dr. Oz Show also brought the public’s attention to raspberry ketones, which are enzymes that are located in red raspberries. Since that episode in 2012, this ingredient has been viewed as a powerful fat burner, despite the lack of scientific evidence to support these claims. In this product, there is 200mg of the substance in a daily dose.

Evolution Slimming is the manufacturer behind Raspberry Keytone Plus. It is a manufacturer in the United Kingdom which has a large number of different dietary supplements in its line, including several that have been designed for weight loss. The official website for the manufacturer contained a limited amount of information about this diet pill. Unlike a number of other products that it sells, an official website for the product could not be found.

Aside from raspberry ketone, there are other ingredients in this diet pill’s formula, as well. They include African mango extract, acai berry extract, green tea extract, apple cider vinegar powder, kelp, grapefruit pectin, resveratrol, and caffeine BP. It is clear by glancing at this formula that it is not only based on ingredients that are extremely common in the nonprescription weight loss pill market, but that many of them are substances that are more hype than action. Several of these ingredients have been applauded in this market despite the fact that they have not been proven by any reputable scientific studies. Acai berry, for example, has been shown as having absolutely no benefits for weight loss. It is a berry that is high in antioxidants, just like blueberries.

Even among the ingredients that have been shown to be helpful in the effort to lose weight, such as green tea extract, not enough of this substance has been worked into the formula to provide any measurable benefit. The studies that have suggested that this ingredient promotes fat burning used considerably more in their dosage than this product. Caffeine is also a known fat burner, but in this case, it has been used in such a tiny dose (a fraction of a cup of a strong cup of coffee), that it is unlikely that measurable results will be produced by its inclusion. That said, the fact that so little of it has been used is promising in terms of avoiding any side effects commonly associated with the use of stimulants.

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