Probioslim reviewProbioslim is a nonprescription diet pill that is manufactured by a company called Nutraclick. That business is based in the United States and makes a line of different types of health and weight loss supplements. The claim is that the formulations for their products are unique. In this case, the product was designed to use ingredients that will, according to the manufacturer, boost the metabolism.

The product is designed to work in two ways. The first is the metabolism enhancement, but the second is a bacterial supplement that is meant to improve the microscopic good flora that lives within the intestines.

By the time that this review was written, this product had received relatively positive reviews by the majority of people who had written feedback on the official website as well as third party sites that sell the product. While this is hardly considered solid evidence that the product is actually effective, it can help to contribute to a complete body of evidence that includes other factors such as an examination of the formula, itself.

What is in the formula? After extensively searching the website, it was easy to determine that one of the ingredients is “LactoSpore” which they have referred to as a “resilient spore-forming probiotic built to withstand heat”. Finally, only after pursuing the process to receive a free trial of the product was a separate web document provided, which revealed that green tea leaf extract (which includes caffeine) and fruit extracts (including kiwi, fig, and papaya extracts) were included as well.

While these appear to be relatively safe ingredients that have the potential to generate some healthy results (depending on the quantities used in each pill, which could not be found on the official website at this time), it is unclear exactly how the promised benefits would be brought about by these ingredients.

It looks as though it could be possible for weight loss to occur indirectly, provided that the user follow a healthy diet and exercise program, as these pills may help to increase digestive health, but the actual fat loss would be because of the efforts of the dieter and not because of any specific impacts that the product has on the body.

Though this may be seen – for some – as an overall health supplement which could support a healthy lifestyle that may cause weight to be lost, it is highly recommended that anyone considering the use of this product should first speak with a doctor in order to ensure that it is both safe and appropriate for their own specific needs.

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