Phentermine types

As you consider the different forms of prescription diet drug that you could be prescribed, you may be interested in learning that there are several different Phentermine types available. Although this might make it seem as though the selection is quite confusing, it all comes down to two main options.

The two main Phentermine types are the tablets and the capsules. These are made up of the same medication, but they are developed to provide the benefits in slightly different ways. The option you will be prescribed will be based on your needs, your dieting expectations, and what you and your doctor feel will provide you with the best results.

The first of the Phentermine types is the tablets. These come in a dose of 37.5mg, which is the maximum dosage of the drug. They are small, which makes them easy for many people to swallow, and they have a line in the middle so that they can be cut if a doctor has recommend that this action be taken. This is because the tablets are fast acting. Therefore, some patients find that they have better luck if they take half of their pill at the start of the day, and the other half in the early part of the afternoon. This helps to ensure that the effects last a little longer. Cutting the pill can also be handy for people who need only a half (18.75mg) dose every day.

The second of the Phentermine types is the capsules. They provide the same benefits and strength, except that they are in a slow release form. These pills are often nicknamed Phentermine Blue. The development of the capsule is such that the ingredients are gradually released into the body for a slower absorption. This can help to make certain that there is a consistent and longer lasting effect throughout the day. This can be particularly important for individuals who are prone to snacking.

One major difference between these two Phentermine types – aside from the speed at which they are released – is the fact that while the tablets can be safely cut, the capsules must always be swallowed whole. At no point should the capsules be cut, crushed, chewed or otherwise broken. This can cause too much of the medication to be released into the body all at once and risks very strong and potentially dangerous side effects that can be harmful to your health.