Olive Oil Can Help with Weight Loss

Olive Oil for weight lossIt is no mystery that olive oil can be a perfect addition to a healthy diet, but even if you’re focused more on weight loss, it can still be one of your best friends. It is a delicious product and is filled with fats that are great for your heart. Research is now also finding that it can help you to reduce belly weight. In fact, this substance is so effective that even just smelling it can help you to lose weight. This may sound bizarre, but it has just been proven by a study published in the American Journal of Nutrition.

Over a period of two days, eleven male participants were given low fat yogurt, and half of them were given the yogurt with fat free olive oil extract mixed into it. Following the snack, researchers in Germany measured the brain activity of the participants. Among those who had eaten the yogurt with the olive oil extract, there was an increased level of blood flow in the area of the brain, particularly in the regions that are connected with the consumption of fat. Even though the snack’s fat content was low, this was still the case. The researchers stated that this is because the olive oil’s smell can help people to achieve a greater sense of fullness. The findings of this study support those that have been found in a number of other studies, too.

According to the author of the study, Andreas Fritsche, Ph.D., dietary fat is a rewarding type of food. The University Hospital of Tübingen nutritional medicine professor explained that the smell of the oil is so rewarding that it can be used by dieters as an effective tool to help them to satisfy their hunger and, therefore, consume fewer calories – particularly unhealthy calories. That said, they do suggest that further study is needed in order to make certain of the use of olive oil in the right ways and doses to maximize its effectiveness.

Fritsche explained that it may even be possible to simply consume a fat-free aroma extract that has the scent that is commonly associated with olive oil, it is possible that the rewarding impact of the fat triggered sensations can be achieved without actually having to take in any of the calories that would typically be associated with eating the oil itself. If this is true, it is likely that it won’t be long afterward before these products make it to the market shelves.

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