Why Are Some People Naturally Thin?

naturally thin secretsIs there anything more frustrating than counting every calorie that you eat every day, forcing yourself to do one or two workouts every day, and still not losing all that much weight, while the person sitting next to you has the perfect, naturally thin figure and doesn’t seem to make the slightest bit of effort to achieve it? There might be, but the list isn’t long.

The truth is that doctors don’t know specifically why some people are naturally thin and never struggle to manage their weight while other people feel as though it is a lifelong battle. However, what they do know is that there are some habits that play a very important part in the overall ability to easily manage a healthy body weight, beyond genetic factors. There is a lot that you can do to lessen your struggles and to help to make sure that once you do lose the weight, you’ll always look and feel your very best.

Aside from certain matters of DNA, there are certain secrets that many thinner people have that help them to stay fit while the rest of us hate how jiggly we are as we walk down the street. The following are some of these secrets that you can adopt so that you can achieve the body that you want and keep it that way over time.

• They eat until they are full – this may not sound right, but it’s absolutely true. The key is in knowing when you are full. There is a difference between being full and being completely stuffed. People who don’t struggle with their weight will usually eat until they feel that they have had enough and they are no longer hungry. They don’t continue eating until they simply couldn’t dream of having another bite. This means that they may not have cleaned their plates, but they have had enough so that they won’t end up feeling like they need to pig out later on to fill the void. They have achieved a careful balance between eliminating hunger and avoiding eating too much.

• They sleep at night – sleep really doesn’t get enough credit in weight loss. Certainly, there are naturally thin people who are up all night or who suffer from insomnia. However, there are far more of them who get enough rest every night. This stops their bodies from producing too much cortisol – a stress hormone – that can cause the body to burn fat more slowly and to feel hungrier than it should.

• They are more active – naturally thin people simply move around more. They may not be hitting the gym every day, or even take part in a specific structure exercise, but they are not sedentary. They likely walk to more places than drive. They likely take stairs more often than elevators, and they probably do more active tasks in the average day.

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