Can You Lose Weight More Effectively by Going to a Spa?

weight loss spa treatmentsThere are a lot of claims out there that suggest that if you undergo certain spa treatments (that inevitably come with a substantial price tag), then you will be able to lose weight more efficiently, or even instantaneously. The spa can certainly be a wonderful place to relax, but it has left us wondering whether pampering ourselves can also bring about some advantages in our efforts to shed some of those extra inches around the middle.

The question is whether or not these treatments are everything that they are chocked up to be. In order to truly benefit from what a spa has to offer, and to make sure that it really does help you to de-stress, then it’s a good idea to learn the ins and outs of these types of treatments before you take out your wallet.

The following are some of the most popular options that are advertised as fat busters at spas:

Body wraps – these come in several different forms but are all essentially the same. The idea is that your whole body is wrapped up in cloths that are soaked in various types of minerals, and then a heated blanket is used to cover you. This is supposed to shrink your body by anywhere from 6 to 20 inches in a one hour treatment. Of course, that will also come with a bill of over $200 at most spas. The truth is, though, that you won’t lose one pound of fat in that entire time. It’s all just water that is lost. Once you aren’t dehydrated anymore, you’ll regain your size again.

Cool Sculpting – a cooling applicator is used in this treatment in order to reduce the size of some of the fattier parts of the body, such as the belly. The average cost per session is $1,700 and it will involve using that applicator to actually freeze and kill the fat cells stored under the skin. Though the results are not instant, within the next couple of months, those cells will be shed and up to 20 percent of overall weight could be reduced.

Infrared light and radio waves – certain kinds of massage, use light and radio waves to shrink fat cells in specific areas of the body. It can bring parts of the body down by up to an inch in twenty to forty minutes. The results last for a small handful of months and each procedure can cost from $300 to $600.

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