Essential Kitchen Tools for the Healthy Dieter

Kitchen Tools for healthy dietersEverybody knows that the true key to losing weight is to eat a healthy diet, and to do this, it means that more meals will need to be prepared at home, instead of eaten in the form of take out or pre-packaged meals that simply need to be heated up. Fortunately, with the right kitchen tools, this can become a fast, convenient, and even simple experience for home cooks of all experience and skill levels.

Regardless of whether you are making a salad or a multi-course meal for a celebration, there are some fantastic kitchen tools that should be considered integral to any healthy dieter’s kitchen. These include the following:

• Non-stick silicon baking mat – A good quality baking mat to place on top of your baking sheet is the ideal solution to stopping your foods from sticking, without having to add fat in the form of oils, butters, or shortening. These are highly effective, they save time, and they are extremely easy to keep clean. Many bakers prefer them to greasing their pans because they let them know that none of their foods will ever stick.

• Multi-purpose chopper/scraper in the “bench” form – A bench scraper is a fantastic companion to your favorite kitchen knife. It helps you keep your cutting board neat, it helps you to scoop chopped foods off the board without dulling your knife edge, and it is perfect for equal divisions of soft foods such as dough, ground meat, and others.

• Cooling racks – Oven safe cooling racks are more useful than you once thought. The next time you bake or roast meats, set the oven safe cooling racks into the roasting pan so that the fat will simply drip away, instead of causing the meat to cook while sitting in a puddle of its own fat.

• Immersion blender – This is a fantastic, affordable tool that can do many different jobs and speed up your cooking prep time. It does everything from chopping fresh herbs to pureeing fruits and veggies. It’s great for everything from preparing ingredients to blending a smoothie.

• Wet and dry measuring cups and spoons – These are absolutely essential kitchen tools. If you don’t actually know how much you’re eating, you won’t know if you are on the right track. Whether you are tracking calories or portion sizes, you need to start with a measuring system to truly know how much you’re eating, before you can simply “eyeball” it. Always use wet measuring cups for liquids and dry measuring cups for everything else, if you want the best accuracy.

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