Will a 3-Day (72 Hour) Juice Cleanse Help You Lose Weight?

Juice Cleanse dietsDespite the fact that juice cleanses have received a considerable amount of bad press following a string of research studies that have shown that they typically do more harm than good, these continue to be highly popular forms of natural health treatment. There are dozens of different forms of juice cleanse, that currently promote themselves as being the key to your health, your weight loss, or simply to getting rid of toxins that they claim have built up throughout your digestive tract.

These juice cleanses differ in length, depending on the specific plan. They can be 24 hours long, a weekend, 3 days (72 hours), 7 days, 10 days, 14 days, or even 30 days! Among the most popular are the 3-day juice cleanses.

They seem to be the ones that people find to be the most appealing for a quick hit of what they feel is a healthy strategy that can be completed over a long weekend, or to start the work week after a lot of unhealthy eating and too many cocktails.

The appeal to many of these cleanses is in their marketing for clearing out problems that have built up over a long time of unhealthy living. Summertime, and New Year are the most popular times for cleanses because they tend to align with people’s overall attitudes toward cleaning up their eating habits and starting fresh.

However, the problem with these cleanses is that while the media may love them, and many people may claim that they feel energized when they start them, there isn’t any scientific evidence to support those claims. Moreover, the scientific evidence that does exist often suggests that this type of strategy could actually place more strain on the body’s organs, not less, and that it might not be a safe thing for some people to do.

For this reason, before you get started with any change in your diet, including one that is as short as 3 days, it is a very good idea to speak with your doctor. This way, you will know whether or not it will be safe for you, if it will be possible to achieve your expectations by doing a juice cleanse, and to make certain that you have select a program that is actually healthy and that isn’t just based on hype and the creativity of someone who doesn’t actually know what they’re doing in terms of actual nutrition.

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