I-Remove reviewI-Remove is a stimulant-free fat binder diet supplement that promises to help you lose 3x more weight than dieting alone. It claims to be the number 1 selling weight loss formula in Europe for six straight years. The manufacturer of the product is bmiSMART.

The primary active ingredient in I-Remove is Litramine Proprietary Complex. There is 1000 mg per serving (2 tablets). Other ingredients include calcium, sodium, cactus powder, and gum arabic.

Litramine helps to lower the amount of dietary fat the body absorbs. This results in reduced caloric intake, which can improve weight loss efforts. Litramine is a patented natural fiber complex. It is clinically proven to bind as much as 28% of fat from foods. It is also supposed to be gentl on the body and promote a feeling of fullness. Fat that is not absorbed by the body is not stored and is eliminated as waste.

Although I-Remove, itself, has not yet been clinically tested, the key ingredient (Litramine) has. It was involved in double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials. Both of these trials showed that the fat binder is more effective than placebos and can increase weight loss up to three times more than conventional weight loss methods alone. There were also no adverse effects reported. The studies also noted that 92% of the participants continued to lose or maintain weight after 24 weeks.

As impressive as this sounds, a couple of studies is not enough to prove the safety or efficiency of a substance. Litramine Fat Binder and I-Remove require a great deal more scientific research to determine just how effective it truly is.

Also, you should know that while most healthy adults can take I-Remove without complications, it is not uncommon for users to experience stomach discomfort, constipation or flatulence when first staring with this product. That said, these symptoms should ease off as the body adjusts.

For maximum results, users are instructed to take 2 tablets with liquid, 3 times a day, immediately after their main meals. You should not exceed more than 6 tablets per day. It is also recommended that users take I-Remove consistently for a minimum of 30 days. It will take time for it to work. Do not expect immediate results.

This product is not meant for children. Anyone with a known medical condition, who is pregnant or nursing, or who is taking medication, should first speak with their healthcare provider before taking I-Remove.

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