High Fat Diets Slow the Metabolism

High Fat Diets and metabolismIt’s true that low fat diets may not necessarily be the key to weight loss, but high fat ones can actually do even more harm. It’s important to achieve a balance when it comes to the foods that you select in order to make sure that you’ll keep your metabolism humming and will burn away the pounds at the fastest possible rate.

Some of the latest diet trends at the moment actually encourage people to eat high fat diets, but research is now finding that if you eat too much dietary fat, you could be doing some serious damage to your body’s ability to burn away those pounds that you have been hoping to lose. This type of nutrient sets back the metabolic rate so that it will burn through calories more slowly.

This was the finding in a study that was recently published in the Obesity journal. What many find to be even more surprising about the findings in that study was that it can take under a week to build a fast metabolism can be destroyed by eating foods that are high in fats. Any interval training and careful food selection that was designed to boost energy and enhance the metabolism can be completely reset in a matter of a few days.

According to the lead author of the study, Virginia Tech associate professor, Matt Hulver, the majority of people believe that they can get away with a certain stretch of eating high fat foods without any real negative impact, but “all it takes is five days for your body’s muscles to start to protest.”

The research looked into healthy students who were asked to replace one of their daily meals for another that was similar in its calorie content but that was made up of 55 percent fat (typically the saturated – unhealthy – form of fat). The outcome that they found was that by eating in that way for one week decreased the ability of the muscles in their bodies to oxidize sugars after they’d eaten.

This is important because muscles are the main sugar processors of the body. When their ability to perform that task is reduce – such as from interference from too much fat in the diet – then it can lead to insulin resistance, which can then bring about high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight increases.

This study only further underscored the results of many others that are suggesting that while some fats are good for health and weight loss, it is best to avoid eating too much of them or it will work directly against dieting efforts. So the verdict is in…high fat diets are out!

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