Healthy Winter Foods That are Great for Weight Loss

Healthy Winter Foods for weight lossWhen wintertime rolls around, it can be more challenging to be able to keep up with a healthy, weight loss friendly eating plan. After all, when you’ve just come in from tromping through the snow, the last thing that you want is a nice cold leafy salad.

This doesn’t mean that you need to just resign yourself to a diet that doesn’t work or, even worse, to winter weight gain. There are lots of great, healthy winter foods that you can choose to be able to appeal to your cold weather taste buds while supporting your efforts to slim down.

These healthy winter foods include veggies and fruits, but also nuts and meat, to keep you feeling satisfied and yet still keep up with your diet.

Avocados – these fruits are fantastic simply eaten raw, as a replacement for mayonnaise on sandwiches, or even as a cheese substitute on chili. They are high in very healthy fats, promote better cholesterol levels, and help to give your food a richness that you crave in cold weather.

Dark green veggies – broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts add heartiness to a stir fry or to a steamed veggie mix. They have anti-cancer properties, they boost digestion and lower cholesterol. Cook them for the minimum possible time to soften them and make them tasty, without causing them to release a stinky smell.

Pomegranate – though available year-round, pomegranates are typically most abundant (and cheapest) during the winter months. Their seeds are sweet and tasty and are highly rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants. Sprinkle them over a salad to add crunch and sweetness, add them to a fruit cocktail for dessert, or blend them into a smoothie. They’re also great in yogurt and combine well with cranberry sauce.

Cinnamon – this spice tastes amazing in the wintertime and has incredible health properties. Sprinkle this on your oatmeal in the morning and you’ll benefit from its properties such as blood sugar stabilization and a boosted feeling of fullness. This means that your meal will be more satisfying and you will be less likely to experience food cravings, particularly for sweets. Just be sure to eat less than ¼ teaspoon each day or it will start to act as a blood thinner, which isn’t necessarily something that you want. A little bit goes a long way!

These are only a few of the many very healthy winter foods that taste great in the winter and are abundantly available.

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