Weird Healthy Weight Loss Tips that Actually Work

Healthy Weight Loss Tips that workSometimes the most effective ways to get something done are the odd ones. There is an expression that says that you shouldn’t knock something until you try it. That is the attitude that you might need to take when it comes to the following weird healthy weight loss tips. They may sound bizarre, but until you try them, you may not want to shrug them off. They’ve been found to be hugely successful by many dieters!

• Talk to yourself – That’s right, out loud. One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to become your own cheerleader. While this doesn’t mean that you need to jump around and chant (although that could be some great cardio) you should take control over the kinds of things that you are saying to yourself. When you’ve said “ugh, I don’t want to exercise,” in your head, go ahead and say “I’m going to power through this and be proud of myself for completing another one” out loud. Hearing yourself say it with enthusiasm can turn something that feels a bit weird and embarrassing into a very motivational tool.

• Avoid the kitchen – your kitchen may be a place with a TV and where everyone sits down to talk over their days, but it is also the location of all of the snacks and calorie-filled beverages. If you can see the food from where you are, you’re more likely to wander over and get it so that you can eat while you chat, surf the net, or watch your favorite show. Move into the living room where it’s more inconvenient to get something to eat.

• Hide the snacks – Since you can’t stay out of your kitchen forever, at least keep the sugary, fatty, and salty snacks out of sight as much as possible. Keep them in a cupboard that is awkward or out of the way, or tuck them behind things that are larger so that you won’t see them. This does actually have an impact on your cravings and it can make a meaningful difference. If you can’t stop stocking the “forbidden” items in your home (as you may risk mutiny from other family members), at least store them where they are less likely to tempt you.

• Get a buddy – that might not be your partner. If you can’t find a family member who is willing to eat healthy and exercise every day, then find a buddy or two who will. You don’t necessarily need to ditch your family, but it means that you’ll have an additional support system to keep you on track.

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