You C.A.N. Lose the Weight With Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating methodWhen it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle that will promote weight loss and proper weight maintenance, sometimes the best tips can come down to using the right words. Many people have been finding that using the “C.A.N.” method can help them to stay motivated and to keep up with a healthy eating strategy that will keep them on the right track with what they eat.

The C.A.N. method is based on three main words: convenient, attractive, and normal. By making those words apply to your healthy eating strategy, you’ll increase your odds of success by a considerable amount. Check out how you can make healthier foods more convenient, attractive, and normal and you’ll find yourself sticking to it without even thinking about it.

Consider the following:

• Convenient – when you are hungry, the food that has the greatest appeal to you isn’t necessarily the one that you think has the best flavor. Instead, it’s the one that is the easiest for you to simply grab and eat. Unfortunately, the most convenient foods tend to be ones that come in packages and that are high in sugars, fats, and salt. Change the convenience level of healthy foods in your life and you’ll automatically start to eat them more often. Cut up veggies and put them in portion sized containers in your fridge. Pre-cook individual servings of chicken breasts and store them in your fridge and freezer so that you’ll choose them as your protein. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit out in the kitchen where you can see it when you want a snack on the go.

• Attractive – food that looks more appealing will have a greater draw. There is a phrase that says that you eat with your eyes, first, and that’s true. If you create colorful meals and take care to lay them out attractively on your plate, they will have greater appeal to you than a beige blob of your favorite fried foods. If you aren’t sure how to start plating decoratively, then simply change your plates! Get some brightly colored and uniquely shaped dishes that are fun and appealing. It will give you a lot more drive to fill them with healthy foods and you’ll enjoy them a lot more.

• Normal – start building habits. The sooner you turn these healthy foods into your new normal, the sooner it will become second nature to simply eat them without even thinking about it. Where you’d usually grab a candy bar, you’ll find yourself snagging an apple, instead. If you’d typically get an ice cream cone, you’ll love that fresh berry smoothie!

You C.A.N. make the change to healthy eating!

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