Garcinia Cambogia Burn

Garcinia Cambogia Burn reviewGarcinia Cambogia Burn is an over the counter supplement product that is manufactured by a company called Vivid Health Nutrition (VHN). According to the official webpage for this product on the manufacturer’s website, it functions as an appetite suppressant, an inhibitor of fat production in the body, a metabolism enhancer, and a mood supporter.

All of those benefits are linked to the product’s single active ingredient, which is garcinia cambogia. That substance is actually a tropical fruit that is receiving a considerable amount of hype at the moment for its weight loss properties within the nonprescription diet product market, as well as among certain celebrities.

Although the Garcinia Cambogia burn’s primary ingredient has been studied quite a bit in rodents, and the results that have been seen are promising, there has been very little research that has been conducted in humans other than a few exceptionally small preliminary studies that have come to the conclusion that further research is needed. Equally, though, the user reviews for some products containing this ingredient have been positive. Though this is hardly proof that the ingredient works as promised, at least it shows that there are some individuals who have been happy with the way that it assisted them.

The official website provided nearly no information about the manufacturer, other than that the products are manufactured in the United States. They offered nothing in terms of evidence that the product works, other than a statement in bold text that the ingredient is “Hailed by Dr. Oz as the perfect, all-natural weight loss aid.” What they did not note about that was that the same Dr. Oz recently faced serious criticism from a federal Senate committee regarding the way that he has been regularly labeling ingredients as “miracle” substances, suggesting that they have more medical support than they do. At the time of the writing of this review, the situation regarding the use of the celebrity doctor’s time on television and the recommendations that he makes there is still in the process of being investigated. An official decision has not yet been made.

When looking at the price for which this product is being sold, $21.95 on the official website, this is quite average when looking at the nonprescription weight loss industry as a whole (considering that every bottle has 60 capsules, and as 3 capsules are to be taken per day, this means that one bottle will last only 20 days), this is actually rather pricey when compared to other products containing the same ingredient and that have higher ratings on third party websites.

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