Full and Slim Diet Drink

Full and Slim Diet Drink reviewThe Full and Slim Diet Drink product is actually a weight loss supplement that comes in the form of a beverage additive instead of a pill. It is designed to help dieters to be able to lose weight more quickly and easily by suppressing the appetite.

The idea is that if the dieter does not feel as hungry, then he or she will eat less food and therefore consume fewer calories every day. This could be helpful, though it does, in part, depend on the dieter’s willingness to actually stop eating when he or she is full, and on his or her food choices in order to keep calorie levels under control.

Of course, the entire benefit of this product also depends on whether or not it actually works. Take a closer look at the ingredients in order to help to determine whether or not Full and Slim Diet Drink could potentially be worthwhile, or whether it is one of hundreds of diet products currently on the market that are meant simply to allow a company to make some quick cash.

Although this product does have an official website, it has been designed exclusively to sell this product and not to provide any further information about it. The largest amount of information that could be obtained about this beverage additive was from images of the product sachets and the complete boxes. Even then, it offered only the logo and flavor options.

The flavors for the Full and Slim Diet Drink powders are mango, orange, grapefruit, and passionfruit. It is packaged into 70 gram sachets, one of which should be consumed 30 minutes before each meal. The product package claims that this beverage mix will help a dieter to eat less, reduce weight, and stay slim.

According to third party websites, the ingredients that make up this product include: glucomannan (also known as konjac root), L-carnitine, and green tea. Among them, only the first ingredient is associated with appetite suppression, and even then, it is exclusively anecdotal evidence as it has not been adequately studied in order to conclusively support claims. While green tea has been connected with weight loss benefits, they are not for appetite suppression, but for thermogenesis, and only in very large amounts. It is unlikely that this product contains adequate green tea for the necessary effect on weight loss, as it is in beverage and not pill form. According to the studies, it takes the equivalent of 14 cups of green tea per day to have a measureable effect on weight loss.

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