Extremely Simple Food Swaps to Slash Calories You’ll Never Miss

Food Swaps to lose weightWhen it comes time that you need to force yourself to accept the fact that slashing calories is the only thing that you can do to improve your weight loss, you may think that you are going to have to starve yourself to reach your goals. That’s not the case. There are some smart changes that you can make that will drastically reduce the number of calories that you eat every day, while you boost their nutrition and flavor at the same time, and without forcing you to have to eat less.

When you make smart choices, there is no reason for a reduced calorie diet to make you have to do a lot more work than you usually would when cooking a meal. There also isn’t any reason to have to sacrifice taste.

The following food swaps are among the simplest changes that you can make to ensure that you’re enjoying the same lifestyle and the same types of foods, without causing your caloric intake to skyrocket.

• Put leftovers away – when you’re eating dinner and it’s as easy as scooping food to add another helping to your plate, then you likely would. Instead, pack up your leftovers even before you sit down at the table. This will not only provide you with a packaged lunch that you can have for lunch, tomorrow, but it will likely make overeating too much of a bother to be worth it. By making overeating inconvenient, you’ll be much less likely to do it.

• Switch the rice you’re eating – although you may be used to white rice, do what you can to find a brand of brown rice that you like. It’s higher in nutrients, it will fill you up faster, and it even helps to lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Those are all worth this minor change with this top food swap.

• Skip the bread and butter – you may be used to eating bread and butter with most of your meals – or before your meals – but you’re spiking your carbs, fats, and calories by doing it. Instead, increase the number of veggies that you eat with your meal (or before) to fill you up, instead. This will satisfy you without the massive damage to your dieting efforts.

• Eat spaghetti squash – for every portion of whole wheat pasta that you replace with spaghetti squash, you’ll save a massive 130 calories. It’s easy to make, it’s fast to cook, and it can be turned into a lot of your favorite pasta dishes. Gone is the guilt for that second helping!

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