How to Keep Trim and Fit When You Work from Home

stay fit when you work from homeWhile working from home may sound as though it would give you the dream life, it involves a great deal more self discipline than most people expect. Not only can it be challenging to force yourself to sit down and do your work, but you also need to remember to take care of your health and your nutrition. Aside from the challenges that you can face in making sure that you always get the job done, you are also continually faced with the temptation of the refrigerator, and very little incentive to make sure that you get out and get some exercise every day.

The following tips are meant to help you to be able to stay in shape and remain healthy even when you don’t have to go any farther than a few steps down the hall for your commute from home to work.

• Select the right office chair – when you work from home, it can be tempting to just plunk down into virtually any seat, including at the kitchen table or on the couch. Laptops and tablets are portable enough that you can bring them nearly anywhere. However, just because you can sit outside on the patio, or even skip getting out of bed in the morning , it doesn’t mean that you should. Even though a chair may feel good, if it is difficult to get out of it, then you are less likely to stay active – or even to get up! Try sitting in a very good quality desk chair, or even on an exercise ball. You’ll enjoy better posture and you will find that you won’t be as stiff and sore when you get up to move around.

• Use an alarm clock – set the clock so that it will go off once every hour. Then, when the alarm goes off, get up and move around. It’s very important that you get up and move about at least that often – if not more – so that you can keep your heart healthy, reduce your risk of cancer, and lower the chances of a blood clot. It also boosts your metabolism so that you will be able to keep excess fat away more easily. If you don’t find that an alarm is big enough motivation, set the alarm out of reach so that you will have to get up to turn it off.

• Form a routine – build a daily routine that works exercise and proper eating into it. Make healthy food prep and a brisk walk just another one of the things that you do every day and give it just as much importance as everything else. That way, you will always be able to have the time and drive you need to get it done.

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