Fad Diets You Won’t Believe Are Real – But They Are

Shocking but true Fad DietsIt can feel as though fad diets are getting progressively stranger as the extent to which people will go in the name of weight loss becomes increasingly extreme, but even as bizarre strategies become commonplace, there are still some that are so weird that they will surprise you.

Countries around the world have odd and shocking fad diet practices that will leave you shaking your head even if you feel that you’ve already built up your tolerance for this type of peculiarity.

Consider the following unbelievable, but real fad diets:

Sun Eating – this is most popular in China and it involves looking directly at the sun for exactly 44 minutes per day. Naturally, this goes against what most of us have been told, as staring at the sun is often believed to be harmful to the eyes. The justification for this practice is that the “solar energy” absorbed in this way will reduce the appetite, enhance the quality of sleep and (oddly) improve vision. Even more odd is that these Sun Eating dieters are encouraged to cover their skin so they don’t risk tanning, except that this essentially eliminates any potential benefits from vitamin D.

The Long Breath Diet – this fad diet finds its home in Japan. It uses deep, forced breathing exercises each day. It was initially designed to ease back pain, but was later found to work core muscles effectively. Though this is very unlikely to cause weight loss, it may actually have some benefits for overall wellness and core strength which would make it easier to follow a strategy that involves proper fitness exercises.

Paintball Diet – this diet out of England involves running in a paintball stadium without any barriers behind which to hide. Anyone who slows down is shot by employees with paintball guns. Reportedly, this causes 800 to 1,000 calories to be burned in an hour. Still, this is an extreme amount of exercise for people who are unlikely to be fit enough to keep it up, if weight loss is the goal. After all, most athletes would find this one very challenging.

Diet Tongue Patch – this diet from Mexico stitches a medical grade mesh patch to the tongue. It is worn for six weeks and makes eating solid food very painful. It is a very low calorie diet as users are restricted to 800 calories per day and all foods are liquid. Once the patch is removed, dieters are supposed to be more aware of what they’re eating. Experts disagree and are calling the procedure extreme and dangerous.

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