How to Know if You Should Change your Exercise Routine

Exercise Routine reviewIf you want to stay healthy and maintain a proper body weight, then your exercise routine is going to be a central part of that. The odds are that you know that and you may be trying very hard to keep up with an active lifestyle. However, exercising takes more than just knowing that you should do it. Your enthusiasm and motivation need to stay high or you won’t get yourself out the door anymore.

There are times when you can have been very successful with a certain exercise routine for quite a while, but when it suddenly seems to be failing you. For this reason, it is important to know how to identify the moments when your workout is no longer working for you, and when you should start to consider making some changes so that you’ll get back to the results that you have wanted and that you count on.

Once the novelty is gone, you’ll start to be able to spot certain signs that your workout just isn’t helping you as much as it should be anymore. Look for the following signs:

Your workout is boring – when you first start a workout, your motivation, alone, can keep you interested, even if it is a greatly repetitive activity. However, over time, doing that same boring routine can make it very difficult for you to want to keep it up and it can make it seem like pulling teeth to have to get up off the couch and do it. In that case, switch things up. Change the speed intervals, bring a friend, add new music to your MP3 player, or take your workout outside, if you can. Or you might want to add different types of exercise to your original so that if you usually walk every day, switch up two days a week so that you ride your bike, instead!

You’re not getting results – when you first start a workout, you may find that you’ll get great results, and that could continue over several weeks, but then suddenly, you could find that you’re not building more muscle or you don’t seem to be burning the fat that you once did. This could be because your workout isn’t challenging you as it once did. Try stepping it up a little bit. Do a faster or more challenging version of what you have been doing, or do it for a longer period of time.

• You’re tired and sore – you could be overdoing it. Consider adding more rest days to your exercise routine, or if you don’t want to take days off your workouts, then try switching up a day of strength training and a day of cardiovascular exercise with some yoga or meditation, instead.

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