6 “Healthy” Eating Habits That Promote Weight Gain

Healthy Eating Habits When you are trying to lose weight or to live a healthful lifestyle, it isn’t always easy to know exactly what you should be doing when it comes to healthy eating habits. All too often, we try to stick to a strategy that we think is the right one, only to hear on the news that the latest study has proven that we’re doing ourselves more harm than good.

If you want to make sure that you’re doing the right thing for your own body, then make sure that you’re not falling victim to the following 12 most common mistakes that look like they are healthy, but that could actually be leading you to gain weight, instead of losing it. These “healthy” eating habits may be doing the opposite of what you intended.

1. Dips – you may be eating healthy, low cal, high fiber veggies, but if you are dipping them into high fat, high sodium, and high sugar sauces and dips, then you may as well simply eat a doughnut. Make sure that the dips you are eating aren’t throwing off all of your careful efforts.

2. Buying a lunch – instead of packing a lunch, if you pick something up at a fast food restaurant, then you are likely buying a lot more than you bargained for. Think you’re making a healthy choice because it’s a salad? Watch out for creamy dressings or fatty granola, or salty crumbled taco chips. Fast food salads sneak calories in from every side.

3. Grazing – did you know that when you pick up a little bite here and there, those calories add up very quickly. If you graze throughout the day, your calorie intake is probably considerably higher than you realize.

4. Sweet potato fries – think you’re making a better choice because you buy sweet potato fries instead of regular fries? It’s the frying that makes the difference, not the type of veggie. Skip all types of fries if you want to lose weight, and save them for a rare treat.

5. Olive oil – while this is a healthy oil, it needs to be carefully used in moderation. Olive oil is very high in calories. It’s a great choice, just use very little of it.

6. Coffee additives – if you are adding milk, cream, sugar, or artificial sweetener to your coffee, then you should make sure to track the calories you’re taking in. You could be shocked at how much extra you have been drinking. In the case of artificial sweetener, unless you have diabetes, then you should likely toss that altogether. Studies show that it doesn’t help with weight loss, but it may actually be one of the eating habits that promote weight gain.

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