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Easy-100 is a nonprescription diet pill that is manufactured by Skinny Nutraceuticals. On its official website, the manufacturer claims that this product is a “safe and natural weight loss breakthrough” and that its “effective ingredients help you lose weight daily.”

The Benefits of Easy-100

Aside from supposedly helping you to lose weight daily and being safe and natural, here are other benefits the manufacturer associates with their product:

  • 100% pure formula
  • All natural formula
  • No side effects
  • Made in the USA
  • Time release technology provides a steady stream of nutrients to the body for continual absorption all day long

Additionally, when this Easy-100 review was written, there was a risk-free money back guarantee with your first order only.

The All Natural Formula 

When this review was created, the Easy-100 ingredients included:

  • Gamma-linoleic acid
  • Chitosan,
  • Calcium Pyruvate,
  • Green coffee bean extract

Although the manufacturer described the benefits of these ingredients on the official site, they did not provide any studies to back up these claims or provide any proof of their efficacy or safety. To be clear, none of these ingredients have ever been clinically provide to aid in or cause weight loss.

The suggested use is to take 2 capsules each day before breakfast for 6 days then stop 1 day. This 6-day course should then be repeated. 

They’ll Pay You $5.00 in Cash Per Pound Lost

Furthermore, the manufacturer is so sure that those who take Easy-100 will lose weight that they’ll pay you $5.00 cash per pound lost. Of course, there are some sneaky stipulations to this scheme. For instance, you must…

  • Take Easy-100 for at least 30 days.
  • You have to lose a minimum of 30 pounds, send before and after photos and complete a form.
  • You must vouch that your testimonial is authentic and Skinny Nutraceuticals reserves the right to verify the accuracy of your report, with an independent committee deciding if your testimonial will be published.
  • Only if all these stipulations are met will you receive any money.

In other words, you’ll need to likely purchase several months worth of this product to be able to lose 30 pounds, because the chances of this happening in only 30 days is highly unlikely, not to mention unhealthy.

Then, even if you manage to lose the weight, write a testimonial, send pictures and complete the form, a committee still needs to approve it. This entire system sounds more like a way to scam you out of your money than to reward you in cash for losing weight.

Speak to your Health Care Provider

There is zero proof that you will lose weight taking Easy 100 diet pills or that it will even help you to drop pounds beyond what you would naturally lose following a healthy, low-calorie diet and regular exercise program.

While you should certainly speak with your healthcare provider before taking Easy-100 to be on the safe side, it may be best to avoid this product altogether as its unsubstantiated claims and sketchy $5.00 cash per pound system calls the manufacturer’s overall integrity into question.

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  1. Gene Marshall

    I took a whole bottle exately as directed ,I did not lose one pound. It is truly a scam Easy 100 weight loss supplement


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