Top Tips for Capping Your Hunger for Easier Weight Loss

reduce hunger for easier weight lossAre cravings making it impossible to experience easier weight loss? Is hunger getting in the way of your ability to lose weight? If you’re like most people, then it probably is. While you may already have heard some of the more common pieces of advice, such as to drink lots of water, that may not be enough to make the difference you need for keeping your hunger under control.

It’s true that drinking water is a very good tip for easier weight loss, but you might want more to get the very most out of your hunger busting efforts. The following are some of the top tips you may never have considered for getting your appetite capped enough to lose weight more easily:

• Drink tea – green tea, oolong tea and black tea are all great ways to get a bit more hydrated but also to help your weight loss efforts. Green tea is especially great for appetite suppression and for boosting fat burning but black tea is also good for avoiding food cravings and helping you to feel more satisfied by smaller meals. Oolong tea can raise your fat oxidation by more than ten percent.
• Tense and release your muscles – movements as simple as making a fist and releasing it can help you to overcome food based temptations. Research has shown that by focusing your tension into your muscles, holding it and then releasing it can be easier to overcome food cravings when they strike.
• Talk to someone – if you feel the need to eat even when you know you’ve had enough food, strike up a conversation or phone a friend or family member who is a great listener. You might find that when you talk about your day and share some news, your stress levels will be reduced and you will feel less hungry as a result. This can actually be measured by scientists as the brain releases oxytocin (which combats stress and boosts the mood) and leptin (which increases satiety).
• Play a video game – when you are focused on a screen and both your hands are busy with a controller, it will not only be too awkward for you to snack but you won’t necessarily be inclined to do it in the first place. This was revealed by researchers from Stanford.
• Be kind to other people – when you are mindful and are careful to be good to other people, your brain will reduce your anxiety levels and will give you a much more calm and satisfied feeling. This will reduce your inclination toward food cravings that would otherwise have had emotional causes for easier weight loss.

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