Doctors Elite Nutrition Lipo-Lean

Doctors Elite Nutrition Lipo-Lean ReviewDoctors Elite Nutrition Lipo-Lean is a dietary supplement for weight management. A product from Doctors Elite Nutrition, it has been created for the purpose of boosting metabolism and controlling appetite. This product may help individuals who are seeking to improve their current low calorie diet and other weight loss efforts.

According to the official product page for Doctors Elite Nutrition Lipo-Lean, all of the ingredients are “naturally occurring food products, combined and doctor-formulated to maximize the potential for assisting in weight loss.”

Taking a closer look, each 2 capsule serving contains 1,200 mg of the RK-Lean Formula (Raspberry Ketone, African Mango, Aaci Fruit, Green Tea, Resveratrol, Caffeine Anhydrous, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kelp, Grapefruit).

All of these ingredients are commonly found in several weight loss supplements that are usually designed for appetite suppression (African mango, apple cider vinegar, etc.) and fat burning (caffeine, green tea, raspberry ketone, etc.).

Unfortunately, none of them have been proven effective in causing measurable fat loss. Although Doctors Elite Nutrition Lipo-Lean doesn’t claim to be proven effective for weight loss, it’s still important to point out that there is no guarantee that taking this product will lead to or help you lose weight.

The most likely effect it will have is it may give you an energy boost, due to the fact that it contains caffeine.

With that in mind, the suggested use is to take 2 capsules every day with food or as directed by your doctor. Although users are cautioned not to exceed the recommended dose, it would be useful if the manufacturer provided more information about when to take the two capsules beyond simply saying that they should be taken with food. The reason is that this dietary supplement contains 135 mg of added caffeine, which is equivalent to nearly 1 and a half cups of coffee per 2 capsule serving. Taking this product within 4 hours of bedtime may increase the risk of sleeplessness.

Overall, most healthy adults are likely to tolerate Doctors Elite Nutrition Lipo-Lean without side effects. That being said, it’s always a good idea to first consult with your healthcare practitioner about your interest in taking this or any other weight loss supplements if you would like to include it as part of your weight loss regimen. This is especially important for pregnant or nursing woman or anyone who has an existing health condition or who may be taking medication.

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