Don’t be Blindsided by Dieting Side Effects

surprising Dieting Side EffectsNo matter how much weight you have to lose, dieting does require you to make some changes to your lifestyle – temporarily or over the long-term – and doing this comes with certain side effects. While some of those are easy to predict, others can be quite unexpected and can take you off guard.

The more you can predict what you will need to face, the more likely you are to be able to stick with your efforts and achieve your goal. While it’s not difficult to guess that if you cut your calorie count to virtually nothing, you’ll be hungry – very hungry – there are other side effects that you may not have known would occur, such as the slowing of your metabolism, weakness, dizziness, crankiness, anxiety, weak hair, dull skin, and a great deal more.

But that’s the situation when you hack down your calories to a tiny level. What can you expect when you’re following a less extreme and more healthful diet? Some of it might be easy for you to guess, but some might still surprise you.

Check out the following side effects of dieting that many people don’t see coming:

Snack time will be your favorite time of the day – you will find yourself paying close attention to the enjoyment of your snacks because you’re not just blindly gorging on them, anymore. You’ll budget your calories/carbs for them, you’ll plan them, and you’ll savor them.
Shopping for food storage containers will be your new pastime – when you used to be looking at shoes in malls and online, you’ll now find yourself looking for a great new way to carry your soups, salads and snacks in the smallest amount of space, while storing your healthful dinner leftovers for the next day’s lunch. Portion control has just reached the next level.
New clothes will be the ultimate reward – no reason to feel guilty for adding to your wardrobe, anymore. After all, every time you reach your next weight loss goal, you’ll actually need them because your old clothes will be too big! You’ll not only have an excuse to shop for new clothes, but you’ll look better in what you buy.
People will actually be jealous of you – although lots of people will be supportive of your efforts to create a new and healthier version of yourself, there will actually be people who will be jealous of your achievements. Don’t let them drag you down. Take it as a compliment!

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