Are Diet Pills Better Than Weight Loss Surgery?

Diet Pills vs surgeryMany people who have not had a lot of luck with diet pills – or who don’t want to have to resort to diet pills – have looked to various types of weight loss procedures and surgeries to help to provide them with what they hope will be a longer term solution to their weight loss struggles. However, according to a recent report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, having one weight loss surgery may not be the last time you go under the knife.

One of the reasons that people want to have weight loss surgery is that they feel that diet pills may help them to lose weight while they’re still using them, but the weight could come back on. Therefore, they feel that a more invasive medical procedure will help them to gain better weight control without having to suffer through the yo-yo of gained and lost weight.

Unfortunately, that impression may not be entirely correct. Statistics have shown that one of the most rapidly growing areas of plastic surgery doesn’t involve lip plumping or breast augmentation. Instead, it is tummy tucks, which underwent a 9 percent increase between 2013 and 2014. That is a massive increase for a span of one year. Similar surgeries, such as thigh lifts and those dealing with excess skin after weight loss has occurred have also spiked in popularity.

While many of those surgeries are the result of people who are hoping to be able to overcome their obesity after having struggled for many years, the unpleasant fact is that a rising percentage of the patients having weight loss surgery are not having it for the first time. Instead, they are going back for more after they have started to regain the weight that was lost the first time around.

While it remains too early to know whether the rate of long term weight loss is lesser, similar, or greater than that of weight loss surgeries, what is known is that using capsules and tablets is far less invasive and aggressive on the body. This is particularly true when the patient take the proper healthy step of consulting with his or her doctor over the choice of the pill that will be taken in order to ensure that it will be appropriate for his or her medical needs and weight loss expectations.

Both methods clearly have merit, but dieters will need to take into account that if they are considering weight loss surgery over diet pills because they want results over the long term, the reality is that they may not be quite as happy as they had hoped.

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