Is There a Healthy Way to “Detox”?

Detox the healthy wayDetoxing and cleansing may have hit its high point and while it looks like it is falling out of fashion, it doesn’t mean that the actual goals of those efforts have gone away.

It’s true that most doctors do not recommend either of those processes, and a detox can be very hard on the body as a whole as well as its individual organs, but when you haven’t been all that kind to your digestive system over the last little while, you may be wondering if there is some way to be able to exorcise those demons and to get a fresh start.

Before you give a long sigh and decide that the best way to rid your body of the memory of the skipped workouts, extra piece of cheesecake, and far too many cocktails from last weekend by diving into an all liquid, torturously restrictive, ultra low calorie cleansing diet, you might want to have a look at what most nutritionists and dieticians would recommend.

Certainly, there is no single effort that is right for everyone, but what most will agree is that the harsh, difficult, and extreme programs that leave you starving are simply not the right choice. Moreover, if it involves taking laxatives or diuretics (either obvious ones or subtle ones buried in a natural tea, such as those that contain uva ursi or dandelion root), it is also very unlikely that this kind of detox will be good for you.

Instead use the following tips to give yourself a very gentle detox that is appropriate for pretty much everybody and that will leave you feeling satisfied, confident, and energized before you know it.

Hydrate – drink lots of water by sipping at it regularly throughout the day, and then take another few sips, just to make sure that you’re where you should be. Don’t just do this for one day. Do this every day. Dehydration is the fastest way to let toxins build up in your body, and hydration is the fastest way to flush them back out again. Drink your water at room temperature or even warm (add a squeeze of lemon if you’d like some flavor) and you’ll ensure maximum hydration. Keep water at your bedside, as well. Sip it if you wake up in the night. This will help to keep up the hydration at all hours. This step, alone, will do wonders in terms of detoxing. It may seem to simple, but it’s exactly what the body was designed to do!

Be active – Aside from drinking water, getting up and moving around is integral to flushing the toxins from your body. Not only does it boost endorphin levels, making you feel better overall, but it also helps the various systems in your body to work more efficiently. Your blood will flow more – bringing oxygen and nutrients more readily to different parts of your body, and washing unwanted toxins away – and you’ll even encourage better regularity, which helps you to expel waste with greater efficiency.

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