Crave Crusher

crave crusher reviewCrave Crusher is a natural appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement by Centurion Labz. It has been designed to lower cravings and naturally promote body fat loss. The product is free of stimulants. In fact, it was purposely created to be stimulant-free to provide users with a weight loss aid that wouldn’t come with unpleasant side effects like jitters, insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety and the many other adverse effects linked to harsh stimulants.

In addition to helping to control cravings, Crave Crusher also helps to increase thyroid activity, helps the body better utilize carbohydrates, and provides positive mood enhancement. For maximum results, this dietary supplement is meant to be used in conjunction with proper workouts and a strict low-glycemic diet.

When this review was written for Crave Crusher, a single serving of the formula was made up of these ingredients: The Dandelion Root Extract (500 mg), Garcinia Cambogia (500 mg), 5-HTP (300 mg), Capsicum Annuum (150 mg), Vitamin C (100 mg), Matcha Tea Extract (100 mg), Vitamin D (2500 IU), Yohimbe Extract (2 mg), B12 (200 mcg), 3, 5 Dilodo L-Thyronine (100 mcg). Three (3) capsules made up a single serving.

Do keep in mind that simply because Crave Crusher does not contain stimulants, this doesn’t mean that it is without side effects or that it is safe. This product has never been clinically proven effective or safe. Simply because it contains ingredients that have been studied, and some research has found that they may possibly effective for weight loss, you should know that none of these ingredients have ever been clinically proven safe or effect in aiding in or causing weight loss.

Due to these important facts and the fact that Crave Crusher may have been discontinued (as it wasn’t listed on the official Centurion Labz website when this review was written), and can be found for sale only on Amazon and eBay, there are likely better non-stimulant over-the-counter dietary supplements for weight loss out there for you.

Still, if you are interested in taking Crave Crusher, speak with your healthcare practitioner first. Just because a product contains all-natural ingredients or ingredients from nature, does not mean that these ingredients are safe. Remember, poison ivy is from nature, but you wouldn’t use that on your body, so don’t blindly trust ingredients used in a weight loss formula. Consult with your healthcare provider about what is safe and healthy for your lifestyle and weight loss goals.

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