5 Breakfasts to Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight

Breakfasts to Avoid for weight lossThere is a lot of food out there parading around as being healthy and good for dieters when the truth is that it does more harm than good. The false information currently circulating about foods can make it very difficult for regular people to know what they should be eating at any given time of the day.

In fact, the odds are that most people make at least one part of their breakfasts out of foods pretending to be better for diets and health than they actually are. You may be doing the same thing every morning, thinking that you’re doing yourself a favor, when you could be eating the breakfast to avoid.

If you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your weight loss strategy and if you want to enjoy the fullest benefits from your diet pill, consider cutting the following from your breakfasts from now on:

Breakfasts to avoid for weight loss include…

1. Avocado toast – This is super trendy at the moment and while avocados do provide fiber and healthy fats, the quantity it takes to make avocado toast is far too high to be weight loss friendly.

2. Juice – For a very long time, juice – whether homemade or store bought – was considered to be very good for nutrition and the immune system. Unfortunately, the juicing process removes some of the most nutritious benefits of the foods. This provides a lot of calories in a reduced form of nutrition. The fiber, protein and even healthy fats are all torn away and the majority of what is left behind is just water and sugar. If you want a breakfast you can drink on the go, choose a home-made smoothie or blend your fruits instead of juicing them.

3. Flavored oatmeal – Oatmeal is very good for you. Steel cut oats have been known to help with weight loss and cholesterol reduction. Unfortunately, that’s not the same as flavored oatmeal. Those little packets of tasty quick oats look healthy but they’re far less nutritious and pack a huge sugar punch.

4. Bran muffins – A bran muffin purchased at the grocery store or even at your favorite café may have the look of a healthy treat – after all, it’s made with bran, right? – but it’s actually not that different from eating a very large cupcake. High in sugar, white flour and butter/lard, these delicious baked goods are only cake in disguise.

5. Cold cereal – A bowl of cereal is quick, wholesome, simple and familiar. That said, to make it taste great, the vast majority are also high in sugar and sodium without being as high in nutrients as you think. Carefully read the nutrition label before choosing a cereal. It’s likely to be more difficult than you think to find a healthy one!

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