Body Perfect Green Tea & Coffee Capsules

Body Perfect Green Tea & Coffee Capsules reviewsBody Perfect Green Tea & Coffee Capsules are weight loss pills that are manufactured and sold by a company called Bio-Synergy Ltd. They are marketed as being easy to use and high in polyphenols and anti-oxidants. The claim on the official webpage for the product is that the ingredients in these pills have been found by scientists to produce a substantial decrease in body weight within a “relatively short period of time.”

Therefore, when investigating these capsules, it is a good idea to start by looking into the ingredients themselves (after having spoken to a doctor first, of course). The ingredients listed on the official website for this product at the time that this review was written were: green coffee standardized extract, green tea standardized extract, and a capsule that includes gelatin, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide as non-active ingredients.

The green tea in this product has been shown in reputable medical research to provide obese patients with some assistance in losing weight more quickly and easily than with diet and exercise alone. Those studies were not cited on the official website, but they are easy to find when researching through medical journals online. It is unfortunate that the official webpage for this product does not list the quantities of the ingredients in this product, as this makes it impossible to know whether Body Perfect Green Tea & Coffee Capsules use the same amount that was considered to be successful in the studies, or whether it used to little for any effect or so much that it could cause side effects.

The green coffee extract is an ingredient that may be promising but that has shown mixed results when studied for the purpose of assisting with weight loss. While there are some preliminary studies that indicate that it could be helpful in assisting people to lose weight, there are other studies that have indicated that it has no measurable benefits, and an additional small study on rats showed that it could increase the risk of experiencing symptoms of diabetes. Therefore, most doctors are not recommending this ingredient until it can be better studied and many dieters are choosing to wait until it has been better understood before they choose to take pills that contain that second ingredient.

The directions for Body Perfect Green Tea & Coffee Capsules recommend that 2 capsules be taken every day with water, before eating. The official website does not say how far before eating the pills should be taken, nor does it say if the capsules should be taken at the same time, or if one should be taken before two different meals.

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