Bio-Trim reviewBio-Trim is an over the counter diet pill that is created by the Pharma Nord supplement manufacturer and that is marketed as a solution to many of the struggles associated with weight loss. According to the company, by taking these tablets on a daily basis, it becomes possible to shed the extra weight much more quickly and easily.

In order to actually know whether or not Bio-Trim could actually achieve this goal, which is not only highly attractive, but also quite common within this industry, it is important to look more deeply at its formula and whether or not it has undergone scientific or clinical study.

The official website for this product offers only extremely limited information. The product itself, is listed on the manufacturer’s website. There, it does not have its own page but is instead listed with a brief description among all of the other products that are made by Pharma Nord. Following the brief description paragraph, it includes a typo’ed statement regarding its “fur”…that is, four active ingredients. These are: co-enzyme Q10, garcinia cambogia, carnitine and chromium. If any of that description or the product picture is clicked, the user is redirected to where the product is being sold.

This does not suggest that the manufacturer is placing a high priority on educating the consumer about its product.

Taking a closer look at the ingredients, it should be noted that the first ingredient, co-enzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10), is linked to a range of health benefits but has never been connected with weight loss in any conclusive clinical studies. Garcinia cambogia has had some promising research but it is also far from conclusive. Carnitine is a substance that is found much more frequently in bodybuilding supplements and not within the weight loss industry. Chromium is commonly found in diet pills with broad claims about its ability to control blood glucose levels and reduce food cravings, though this has also not been proven and the Mayo Clinic has listed it among the substances for which it is warning consumers that there is inadequate proof to make weight loss claims about it (thought it is still likely safe to use).

The current price for this product on the official retailer’s site is £19.95 per 90 tablets (approximately US$33). The package directions say to take one tablet three times per day, which means that one box lasts for about a month. This is an affordable price for most dieters, though it is only a good value if it actually works.

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