B-Slenda reviewB-Slenda is a diet product in the form of a tablet pill which can be purchased without requiring a doctor’s prescription. It is marketed by its manufacturer, Pharma Nord, as being a fat binder with a formula that is comprised of only all natural ingredients. The purpose of this pill is to make it easier for dieters to be able to lose weight than it would be if they were only dieting and exercising.

As a fat binder, the idea behind B-Slenda is that weight loss will be faster and easier because the pill will help to decrease the body’s ability to absorb all of the dietary fat that is consumed by the dieter in his or her food. This could, therefore, decrease the number of calories that result from any given meal.

Should this product actually work, the benefit would be that the dieter would be able to avoid feeling hungry while trying to lose weight because some of the calories that they are eating are never actually absorbed by the body. Instead, they pass through the digestive system with the rest of the waste. This type of pill also helps to make sure that dieters don’t have to completely abandon all of the foods that they enjoy in order to keep within their maximum calorie intake.

To understand whether or not B-Slenda can actually provide you with the fat binding and weight loss benefits that it claims, it is recommended that you speak with a doctor and/or pharmacist, and that you have a closer look at the ingredients that make up its formula. It is also a good idea to take this step so that you can make sure that none of the substances within this pill (or any other product that you plan to take) will conflict with any medical conditions that you have, with any other drugs or supplements that you are taking, and even to ensure that you don’t have any known allergies to it.

The official website for the product isn’t quite overflowing with information, but as far as could be understood at the time of this review, there is only one main active ingredient that makes up these pills. This is a substance called FibrePrecise, which is made up of a substance taken from shellfish – which is important to know for anyone who believes that he or she may have a shellfish allergy.

No studies or research on the weight loss benefits of FibrePrecise were cited in the B-Slenda official website. As that is the only ingredient in the product (that was identified), it makes it difficult to believe the claims that are made regarding its effectiveness.

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