Should You Take Spoonfuls of Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Weight?

apple cider vinegar to lose weightThere has been a trend that has been taking off over the last decade or two and that is only continuing to get larger, and it involves taking apple cider vinegar to lose weight. This has involved swallowing tablespoons of the stuff, mixing it with water and drinking it, or swallowing it in the form of capsules in order to be able to obtain the benefits that many claim that it has within the body.

First thing’s first. All apple cider vinegars are not created equal. The majority of the claims surrounding this substance are specific to actual apple cider vinegar, which contains the “mother apple”. It will usually specifically say that it contains apples on the label, and the liquid should be cloudy, not clear. In fact, it will usually have sediment on the bottle that will need to be shaken up into it again every time it is used.

Using apple cider vinegar to lose weight isn’t supposed to make fat fall off the body like magic. Apparently, it is supposed to improve the digestive function of the body through a number of different ways, including enhancing the digestive flora, so that fat will be burned off with greater efficiency. Therefore, the weight loss is still caused by healthful eating and regular exercise, but the apple cider vinegar is meant to help to improve the results that are seen. Moreover, once the weight is gone, using this substance each day is also supposed to help to prevent it from coming back.

For most people, taking it by the spoonful is simply out of the question. This is a very potent ingredient and it is very hard to swallow. Diluting it with water can make it easier, but it is still too difficult for many people. This causes many to rely on capsules.

While there is some early research that indicates that using apple cider vinegar may help to reduce inflammation and promote improved intestinal flora, there is next to nothing that would indicate that its use could be directly linked to measurable improvements to weight loss. Moreover, despite the fact that there are indications of health benefits, the dosage remains unknown. This means that science has yet to determine how much is too little to have any benefit, how much is ideal for the average healthy individual, and how much is so much that it could lead to side effects. The jury is still out on whether using apple cider vinegar to lose weight is effective.

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