Activ8 X

Activ8 X reviewActiv8 X is a weight loss supplement that supposedly helps to provide hunger control, metabolism boosting, carbohydrate blocking and fat burning. What makes this particular formula unique is that it comes in the form of a liquid. Activ8 X is diet drops. As such, anyone who finds it difficult to swallow pills won’t have trouble working this product into their weight loss program.

The ingredients in the Activ8 X formula include Green tea leaf extract (EGCG), capsicum, beta alanine, grapefruit powder, pyruvate, grape seed extract and panax ginseng. Each of these ingredients has been studied to determine their effects on health and weight loss.

According to the official website of this diet drops product, grapefruit powder helps to control hunger, particularly cravings for sweets. This can help a person make healthier food choices. Pryuvate helps to boost metabolism, encouraging fat burning, which can help lead to faster weight loss. Grape seed extract and panax ginseng helps to block carbohydrates. More specifically, grape seed extract encourages the body to burn fat instead of absorbing the sugar found in carbs. Meanwhile, panax ginseng is believed to block fat molecules and helps to balance blood sugar levels. Capsicum, green tea and beta alanine help to burn fat.

The official Activ8 X website is highly detailed and provides plenty of information about the diet drops as well as references clinical studies for each of the ingredients that are found within the product’s formula. In spite of these studies, however, it is important to note that while there is strong scientific support behind some of these ingredients’ effects, such as green tea’s fat burning capabilities, none of these ingredients have scientifically been proven for weight loss. Keep in mind that just because something may cause fat burning this doesn’t mean that weight loss will result.

Activ8 X diet drops are meant to be used in conjunction with a diet and exercise plan. This can be one of the user’s own choosing or they can choose to follow the Activ8 X recommended AVX Diet Plan.

This product is a thermogenic, so it is important to drink plenty of water while taking this supplement, as thermogenics increase a person’s body temperature, which results in sweating and can lead to dehydration if not enough water is ingested. Furthermore, this product does contain caffeine in the green tea. However, it is a very small amount, so the risk of caffeine-related side effects such as jitters, anxiety, headache, insomnia, etc. should be low for the average user who is not sensitive to caffeine.

Prior to taking Activ8 X, you should first consult with your healthcare provider, especially if you have a health condition or are currently taking any other supplements or medications.

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