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4Life Carb BLX is a weight loss pill that is available over the counter, with claims that it will stop the body from being able to digest fat. Though simply looking at the name would suggest that this is a carb blocker, when the marketing literature for this product is consulted, it is clear that it is meant for stopping fat absorption.

This is a rather confusing situation as the name of the product and its function don’t seem to align.  This indicates that the product was strategically named to draw attention to itself in the popular low-carb dieting market, despite functioning differently, or perhaps it was once a carb blocker that was reformulated to be a fat blocker instead.

Who Makes 4Life Carb BLX?

The official website for 4Life Carb BLX is the manufacturer’s site, on which there is a page for this specific pill. There are a number of different weight loss supplements all sold by this same manufacturer.  These are sold in forms ranging from tablets and capsules to essential oils and others.

Though it appears that 4Life once had a primary focus on the weight loss market, that has since shifted. The marketing on the website makes it clear that they are more focused on overall wellness as opposed to one specific component of it. The site sells both products and services. It’s also clear through their vast range of “sales tools” that they are focused on distribution and direct sales.

What Are the Ingredients?

To understand whether or not this diet pill will actually block fat in the body, it is important to consult the list of ingredients. Fortunately, it is provided on the official website as well as on the product packaging. They consist of:

  • Cassia nomame whole herb extract,
  • White bean extract,
  • Green tea leaf extract,
  • Cacao almond seed blend,
  • Jaborandi leaf extract, and
  • Arabinose

What Do These Ingredients Do?

Cassia Nomame is a fat inhibitor, according to the product packaging. This implies that it stops some fat from being digested into the body so that it cannot be used as energy or stored as fat. However, at the time of this review, there was no clinical evidence provided on the official website to support the fat blocking properties. Without providing any clinical evidence, this manufacturer is not able to support any of the claims that it has made.

Though 4Life Carb BLX is marketed as a fat blocker, it still contains an ingredient that is commonly found in carb blockers –as the product name suggests. White bean extract, also known as white kidney bean extract, is often added to nonprescription diet pills with claims of an ability to block carbohydrates from being absorbed.

That said, it has never been proven to have this effect by any reputable research. The closest that this ingredient has to promoting weight loss is that it is high in fiber and could – in large quantities – help to shrink the appetite, as is the case with any other fiber.

Green tea leaf extract contains EGCG and caffeine. These ingredients are both associated with promoting weight loss as the stimulant helps to reduce the appetite while boosting energy levels. This can be very helpful in cutting back on eating as well as fighting fatigue when exercising. It doesn’t cause weight to actually come off, but it can help to make other dieting efforts easier.

Final Notes

Unfortunately, that is not what the product was marketed to do. It may be a better idea to find a product that does what it claims. If you are still inclined to try this product, it is highly recommended that you first consult with a doctor. This will help you to know for certain if it is right for you and if it is safe to use.

UPDATE: As of July 2019, 4Life Carb BLX was no longer listed on the 4Life website and was no longer being sold on third party websites.  It appears that this product has been discontinued and there is no indication that it will become available for purchase in the near future.

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