TriAdalean reviewTriAdalean is a nonprescription weight loss product from an American company called Covaxil Laboratories. That manufacturer produces a handful of different diet and bodybuilding supplements that are sold online but does not have either an official company website or a dedicated product site that could be found at the time of the writing of this review. A physical address was also not found at the time that this review was written. Equally, its products (including TriAdalean) are readily available at many large marketplaces and retailers, online and they are still being manufactured.

According to the claims on those sites, these diet pills are supposed to be able to reduce 15.6 percent of a dieter’s body fat. They are marketed as being a “high energy” product. This suggests that they are a formula based heavily on stimulants. A closer look is highly advised to determine if the 60 capsule bottle is worth its list price of $29.99.

The directions indicate that two capsules should be taken with breakfast and two more with the main meal. If a “significant energy boost” is desired, one or two more capsules can be taken during the day. This means that one bottle lasts only 10 to 15 days, so a monthly supply would be $59.98 to $89.97, which is extremely expensive, particularly for a product based on stimulants. There is tremendous competition in this market using this type of ingredients and if this is the type of product that is wanted, it can be found at a fraction of that cost.

It should be noted that there are a large number of negative customer reviews at many of the marketplaces where this product is sold, including at Amazon, where its average score is 2.6 out of five stars. Out of 46 reviews, there were 22 customers that gave only one star.

The TriAdalean package indicates that each pill contains: caffeine, citrus extract, guarana extract, alpha phenlethalamine HCl, beta phenethylamine alpha, phenlethylamine 1-PEA, and theobromine. This indicates that there are powerful stimulants high on the ingredients list (especially caffeine and guarana extract), so there will be a risk of a number of side effects. Moreover, it is also clear that beyond the use of stimulants, this product will not be safe for everyone, as there are ingredients that could act negatively with certain medical conditions, medications, and other supplements. One example is theobromine, which can function as a heart stimulant, a blood vessel widener, and a diuretic.

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