SlimSticks reviewSlimsticks are a form of nonprescription diet supplement that are taken in beverages in order to help dieters to be able to overcome the primary struggles that often get in the way of successfully reaching weight loss goals. Those struggles typically have to do with willpower and hunger. The concept behind them is that they work as appetite suppressants that will help dieters to be able to control their portion sizes by tricking their brains into thinking that they feel fuller than they actually are.

Unlike many diet supplements, Slimsticks are meant to be dissolved in water. The directions also recommend that another couple of glasses of water be consumed after having had the initial glass containing the Slimsticks product. The claim is that the supplement will work in two separate phases. The first is that the large amount of water that is consumed will help one of the ingredients – konjac – to be able to expand within the stomach, producing a sensation of fullness.

According to the manufacturer, this happens quite quickly after the product has been swallowed. Next, the second phase comes into play around three or four hours later, when two other ingredients, palm and oat oils, start to become effective. These ingredients are meant to fool the brain into thinking that the stomach contains undigested fat in the stomach, signaling that there is no reason to produce a sensation of hunger. This is based on a the concept called the “Ileal brake mechanism”, which helps with proper controlled food intake that prevents overeating.

According to Slimsticks, these two phases work both together and separately to ensure that the dieter will not feel hungry enough to eat too much and break his or her diet. If the product actually works, then this is absolutely true. Take a closer look at the ingredients to decide whether or not there is an opportunity for this product to live up to its claims.

The primary ingredients in slimsticks are palm oil, oat oil, and konjac. Combined, this forms a trademarked ingredient called “Slimjac”. Konjac is an ingredient commonly seen in nonprescription diet pills of all forms and qualities. It is taken from the extract of a plant. Typically, this fiber is not used properly because the products that include it in their formulation don’t require enough water consumption to truly allow it to expand. That said, at the time of this review, the official product website did not indicate how much konjac is included in Slimjac. Therefore, it is impossible to know if the quantity is adequate to produce a sense of fullness that is great enough to generate positive dieting results.

If any appetite suppression does occur, it is likely to be from the copious amounts of water that the user must consume before each meal.

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