lipofedra bottleLipofedra is a weight loss supplement that is marketed as being a powerful fat reducing pill. Though this formula does the potential to be quite effective – particularly if one believes its advertising, it’s a good idea to examine the ingredients it contains before coming to any conclusions or making any purchases.

The Lipofedra product was created by a manufacturer called InnerVital. At the time that this review was written, the official website at InnerVital indicated that the formula includes patented ingredients, such as: ChromeMate, Super Citrimax, Advantra-Z 6% Synephrine, Fucozanthine, and 1,3-Dimethylamylamine.

However, despite that fact, following a conversation through the live chat feature on the official website – which was extremely friendly, helpful, and convenient – it was discovered that the current ingredients content of the formula in the 620 mg blend of Lipofedra actually contains dicaffeine malate (200 mg), Chocamine (200 mg), Mango extract (150 mg), Phenylethylamine (20 mg), Synephrine (20 mg) and Humulus Lupus (20 mg).

The potential for this product, based on an examination of the ingredients, is to be able to increase the metabolism to burn fat more quickly, particularly when combined with cardiovascular exercise. This is because there are several stimulants contained in this formula. Among them are the dicaffeine malate, the phenylethylamine, and the synephrine. All of the ingredients within this product can be found in other over the counter weight loss products and are considered to be quite common.

Though stimulants can be very effective in helping with weight loss, as some can help to boost the metabolism, and there are many that can help to reduce the appetite when used in adequate amounts, high levels of stimulant ingredients – as is the case with Lipofedra – can place the user at risk of side effects that may be too strong to make the product worthwhile. Common side effects associated with stimulants include jitters, heart palpitations, nervousness, headache, nausea, and insomnia.

As the official website did not provide an up to date ingredients list, aside from requesting it directly from a customer service representative, it also did not cite any studies that would link the ingredients in the most recent version of the formula with claims that have been made about the product. Due to that fact, and that there is a risk of side effects associated with some of this product’s current ingredients, it is highly recommended that a doctor be consulted before starting to use these pills.

It should be noted that the customer service representative who provided information for this review was responsible enough to point out that it is not appropriate for individuals with high blood pressure, which showed that care is being taken by the manufacturer to ensure that its product is purchased by the right consumer, despite the fact that the ingredients list on the website is out of date.

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