Fat-Away Diet PillsFat-Away is a product manufactured by Extreme Health Products and that is marketed as being the “most advanced natural weight loss technology” that is currently on the market. This is not a rare claim in the nonprescription weight loss industry. It is important to examine the ingredients to help to make sure that it can live up to everything that is says it will be able to do.

According to the official website of the manufacturer, this product contains a long list of ingredients. This proprietary combination includes three blends, including the Fat-Away “Essential Dual Power Blend”, the No-Crave “Appetite Control Formula”, and the Fat-Away “Antioxidant Complex Blend”.

Each of those blends includes a number of different ingredients. For example, the first includes guarana extract, maca root powder, L-carnitine, white willow bark extract, ginger root extract, and vitamins B6 and B12. The second blend contains garcinia cambogia extract and chromium polynicotinate. The final blend contains green tea extract and alpha lipoic acid.

This product is designed to be a fat burner, which means that if it works, it will help the body to be able to burn through calories more quickly than it otherwise would without the use of the product. These products – among those that work – typically need to be combined with cardio exercise in order to be their most effective.

The first ingredient within the Essential Dual Power Blend, guarana extract is a powerful stimulant. Stimulants have been shown to provide some metabolism boosting properties. However, this is highly dependent on the amount that has been used. Too little, and the impact will be small enough that it will not produce any results. Too much, and users can experience uncomfortable side effects, such as jitters, sleeplessness, nervousness, nausea, and others. None of the other ingredients in the formula are known fat burners, aside from the green tea extract, which contains caffeine, another stimulant.

The other ingredients are all commonly found in other over the counter diet products. That said, none of them have been proven by any reputable scientific studies as being effective for weight loss.

The suggested use on the package does appear to recommend that the pills be used in the most effective way possible for taking advantage of the fat burning ingredients. However, it is important to note that it does so in a rather misleading way. It recommends that two capsules be taken thirty minutes before exercising, but says to do this only when the pills are being used as an energy booster. That would also be the best way to take advantage of the fat burning properties, except that it recommends that when using the product for weight loss, two should be taken before breakfast and two more should be taken in the middle of the afternoon. All should be taken 15 to 30 minutes before meals, along with 250 ml of water. No exercise is recommended in the directions for weight loss, which is confusing as this is the most effective way to take advantage of any fat burning properties.

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