easy-100 reviewsEasy-100 is a nonprescription diet pill that was manufactured by Skinny Nutraceuticals. Though it may still be made by that company, there is no website for either the product or manufacturer to confirm it. That said, the product continues to be sold on a number of different websites, and consumers continue to review it. It should be noted that a number of review sites have labeled this product as a scam. Therefore, either the product itself has always been a fake, or it is no longer being made by the manufacturer and a false version is now being sold through many sites.

For this reason, it is very important for consumers to exercise caution if they are considering the purchase of Easy-100 diet pills. Many of the sales pages for this product appear to be very convincing, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the product will contain what is claimed or that it will live up to its promises.

According to third party websites that continue to sell Easy 100 diet pills, the ingredients include green coffee extract, gamma-linoleic acid complex, chitosan, and calcium pyruvate.

The claims associated with the use of Easy-100 are quite extreme. They indicate that a dieter should be able to lose between two and three pounds every day. Assuming that this claim is true – and the odds are heavily against it – this is not even near a healthy rate of weight loss. Most doctors suggest that 2 to 3 pounds should be the maximum goal for weekly weight loss. Seven times more than that sounds as though it could be extremely risky. Furthermore, losing that much weight would cause fat and tissues to decrease but skin cannot contract that quickly. That could lead to stretch marks and sagging skin that many people find to be even less appealing than excess fat.

There is no special diet or exercise routine suggested with the use of Easy 100 pills. This makes it even less likely that they will be able to live up to these or any other weight loss claims. They are meant to be taken every day with water. At the time of this review, no customer testimonials or 100 percent satisfaction money back guarantee could be found for this product.

Considering the risks associated with taking Easy-100 diet pills, it is highly recommended that a doctor be consulted and that a much safer product be selected from a more reputable manufacturer.

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