Diet Pills That Work

dietPills-imgIf you’re planning to incorporate drugs or supplements into your weight loss strategy, then you will want to make sure that you’re using diet pills that work very well. After all, if you’re going to pay for the products and go to the effort of using them, you want to know that they will be making a difference when you want to eliminate those excess pounds. However, with hundreds – if not thousands – of different products in the weight loss marketplace, it can seem nearly impossible to discover which ones will actually live up to their claims.

Fortunately, there are some leaders in the industry that set the standard for diet pills that work. These have been split into two important categories: prescription drugs and over the counter supplements. Although there are dozens of options in the first category and hundreds in the second, it may help you to know that some of the options with the best reviews from customers and health professionals include: phentermine, adipex, fenfast and phenblue.

Phentermine and Adipex are two of the prescription diet pills that work for many obese patients who are at risk of other weight related health conditions such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes. They are among the most commonly prescribed diet drugs in the United States for assisting these patients to overcome the barriers they face with losing weight.

Phentermine is a generic medication that works by stimulating the central nervous system in order to produce an effect that suppresses the appetite. It also helps to increase the energy levels among its users. Adipex is a brand name version of this same medication. These are diet pills that work by complementing a low calorie diet plan and exercise program by helping to eliminate hunger pangs from eating less, and fatigue that could make a heightened activity level too challenging.

Although these drugs are both considered to be safe and effective, they are associated with some unpleasant side effects, which can include jitters, dry mouth, insomnia and headache, among others. They can also be addictive, which means that it is very important to take them exactly as prescribed, without taking higher doses, swallowing pills more frequently, or using them for longer than recommended by the doctor.

On the nonprescription side, two of the diet pills that work the most effectively among many dieters are FenFast and PhenBlue. These can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription, but they provide benefits that are comparable to Phentermine and Adipex.

FenFast comes in the form of a 37.5mg tablet. It provides dieters with fast acting appetite suppression while it simultaneously boosts energy levels and improves the metabolic rate. This way, it is easier for dieters to eat less food without being hungry, exercise more without being too fatigued, and burn more fat during their workouts.

PhenBlue has similar benefits to FenFast, except that it comes in time release capsules that allow the ingredients to be gradually absorbed into the body. This way, the appetite suppression, higher energy levels, and boosted metabolism have a longer lasting effect.