avesil reviewAvesil is a diet pill that is available over the counter and that has been a part of the nonprescription weight loss market for some time now. It has gained a considerable popularity among dieters. However, it is important to investigate this product further in order to understand whether or not it actually works, as opposed to simply basing any decisions on sales, alone. Avesil has seen the greatest popularity in the United Kingdom, despite the fact that it is available in many countries around the world.

According to the official website for this product, the product is supposed to help a dieter to burn fat faster, increase energy levels, and reduce their appetite. However, the way in which this is meant to be accomplished was not clearly identified on the official website at the time of this review. The style of the website is quite similar to that of many other nonprescription diet pills. It is low on information while being high on a push to sell.

The concept behind Avesil is that the dieter signs up for a 12 day free trial, at which point he or she provides credit card details (to pay for shipping and to enroll in an auto ship program). The clock then starts ticking right away and after 12 days the next shipment of the product – at full price – is sent out. This amount is charged to the credit card that is provided at the time of the free trial. This is a common tactic by many nonprescription diet pills but in the case of Avesil, many users have reported that it is extremely hard to be able to get out of the program, regardless of whether or not they were satisfied with the first 12 days of product. There are reports from at least one reviewer that stated that the individual was required to cancel the credit card to block the bills from continuing to come in from this scheme.

The Avesil formula is made out of a proprietary blend that is a combination of decaffeinated green tea, ashwagandha extract and caffeine, as well as ChromeMate. As it is a proprietary blend, the manufacturer has not revealed any of the amounts of the ingredients that were used. This being the case, even if the best ingredients were chosen, it would be impossible to know whether or not there was enough of them to make any difference in weight loss or if so much had been used that side effects could occur.

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