APEX-TX5 ReviewAPEX-TX5 is a weight loss and metabolic support formula that contains clinically researched ingredients that have shown in scientific studies to act as thermogenic intensifiers, appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters and fat loss catalysts. Developed by Intechra Health, APEX-TX5 was designed to help dieters following a calorie-reduced diet and a regular exercise program, ignite their metabolsim and achieve maximum results.

Each of the tablets is composed of: Caffeine Anhydrous, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Beta-Phenylethylamine, Theobromine, and HCl, L-Tyrosine. If any of these ingredients sound familiar, that’s because they are popular in the over-the-counter (OTC) weight loss industry and have been scientifically studied multiple times.

With the help of these premium ingredients, the APEX-TX5 formula offers four main benefits. These include:

Metabolic support. A slowed metabolism can really set your fat loss efforts back. With ingredients like caffeine and acetyl-l carnitine hcl (ALCAR), your metabolic rate is super-charged, making it easier for you to burn fat, especially when you combine these ingredients with regular exercise.

Thermogenic intensification. Ingredients that promote thermogenesis – a process by which the body burns fat as energy to produce heat – help boost fat burning, giving your body the power to blast through more calories. Caffeine, beta-phenylethylamine HCl and l-tyrosine are well known thermogenics.

Boosted energy levels. Caffeine, theobromine, and beta-phenylethylamine HCl can increase energy levels as well as boost mental alertness and focus. Keeping up your energy levels can help to encourage you to sustain your drive and motivation to maintain an active lifestyle.

Appetite suppression. Intense hunger and constant food cravings are a battle for most dieters, but some of the scientifically studied ingredients in APEX-TX5 can help prevent hunger pangs and food cravings, enabling you to curb your appetite and eat less, which can result in the ingesting of fewer calories.

APEX-TX5 has been designed to be used alongside a regular fitness-appropriate exercise program and a diet that is low in calories. Users are instructed to take 2 of the tablets, 2 times per day with food, but not within 5 hours of bedtime.

This diet pill could be an ideal OTC alternative to prescription weight loss drugs like Phentermine. However, it is a good idea to first consult with your healthcare provider before taking APEX-TX5 if you have sensitivities to stimulants or if you have an existing medical condition or are taking any other prescription or non-prescription medications.

For optimal results, be sure to take this product exactly as directed or as it has been prescribed by your doctor.

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